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Product Planning


Progressive development

Our software helps you progressively plan and develop your product, easily define product features at every MVP and stablish a clear path from MVP to MVP to the final product.

Timely results

We offer visual MVPs representation to help you clearly convey your idea to your team. Well delimited MVPs and a clear development path turns into reduced wasted work and timely results.

Early testing and feedback

Test your product with your customers, get valuable feedback and use our tools to flexibly re-plan your next MVP. Develop the product that people really want.

Tasks Management

Tasks en


We allow you to coordinate your team's work by defining clear and atomic tasks and the persons in charge of executing them. Get your product done.


Manage one task board per product feature. This allows you to develop your product as planned and preserve product cohesion and team vision.

   Visualization & tracking

Our software lets you visualize and track your whole team work in one place. We collect statistics to help you keep on track.

   Deadlines meeting

Rapid product execution is fundamental in every startup. We allow you to stablish due dates and priorities to help you launch your MVPs on time.

Business Model Design

Bmc en
The BMC is a copyright of Strategyzer GA

Our Business Model Canvas app allows you to:

Describe and share an independent business model for each MVP
Scale your business from the first user to the global market
Use a globally known standard for strategic planning
Visualize the dynamics of your business and unfold your business' complexity

We integrate your BMC© with tasks boards so you can track the execution and completion of every one of your business model hypothesis

"We were very frustrated. We had planned our MVP at the first meetings, but as time passed, product development seemed to go in a different direction. Ignis Gravitas allowed us to focus on the right set of features at every step. The result was a motivated team, a faster process and a high quality product."
Virginia Buccelato, CEO

Zen Technology

  Data Protection and Security

Data Protection

From the moment you create your startup environment in our platform, you have complete control over your data. It will always be private to your team and access restriction can be granularly managed for each one of your startup members.

All information produced by you remains yours, always.

Information Storage and Security

All data in our systems is stored using data hosting service providers located in the United States. We implement security measures to prevent intruders access to your data. Nonetheless, cybersecurity is still a field in development and we can not guarantee absolute impenetrability in our systems. We are constantly updating our platform to meet the latest security protocols.

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