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We offer you a powerful set of tools to develop your startup

Structure your idea

  • Effective way to organize the idea of your product.
  • Model based on experts approach.
  • Have a better understanding of entrepreneurship.
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Build your Product using the MVPs approach

  • Evolve your product from first MVP to Product/market fit.
  • Add new features to your product whenever you want.
  • Ready for new risks? Create as many MVPs as you need.

Design your Business Model

  • Organize your business model using the standardized Business Model Canvas (BMC)®.
  • Evolve your business plans according to your customers and products.
  • Design finance strategies as an expert.
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Organize your tasks and to-dos

  • Use our Kanban boards to have a clear track of your job.
  • Assign responsibilities to your patners and coworkers.
  • Organize your responsibilities and priorize them.

Build a highly qualified team for your startup

  • Invite patners to your startup with a role.
  • Hire freelancers, contact investors and learn from mentors.
  • Manage permissions and authorizations for every member of your team.
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Deltoid, Inc.

"We were very frustrated. We had planned our MVP at the first meetings, but as time passed, product development seemed to go in a different direction. Ignis Gravitas allowed us to focus on the right set of features at every step. The result was a motivated team, a faster process and a high quality product."

Virginia Buccelato, Co-Founder


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  Data Protection and Security

Data Protection

From the moment you create your startup environment in our platform, you have complete control over your data. It will always be private to your team and access restriction can be granularly managed for each one of your startup members.

All information produced by you remains yours, always.

Information Storage and Security

All data in our systems is stored using 'state-of-the-art' data hosting service provider located in the USA. We implement security measures to prevent intruders access to your data. We are constantly updating our platform to meet the latest security protocols.

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